• Are you coachable? This program is designed to strengthen leadership skills and help individuals become their authentic self.

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    • I will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop leaders...

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    • Would you like to gather with a group of like-minded people who desire to focus and achieve their goals? Do you have strong desire to grow personally and gain significance in your community?

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    • Your success is driven by your ability to lead--discover strategies and techniques to improve your leadership skills.

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    • Some months ago, Daniel McNamee, a middle-school science teacher at Mason Preparatory School in Charleston, South Carolina, asked me to help him develop some servant leadership lessons suitable for his middle school students. As his Dad, I was humbled beyond imagining for the request. As a servant-leadership advocate, I was thrilled and intrigued by the challenge of creating something that, to my

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    • Trust: Positivity And Community

      I’ve been doing some reading and writing on establishing a culture of trust, and it’s pretty clear to me how leaders are setting the standards throughout their organizations. As I shared in my last post, leaders are standard-bearers who establish the basic tenets of integrity throughout their organizations. Leaders must clearly communicate four key values and expectations: truthfulness,

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      Lighthouse Leadership Spring Retreat

      Workshop 1 - Serving Leadership

      Workshop 2 - Building Trust

    • Create A Standard of Integrity

      The Mustang GT accelerated smoothly as I put her through the gears. With tremendous torque at the top end of the power curve, the engine’s throaty rumble seemed to express joy when it was being wound out. The racing seat and four-point harness, sized for slimmer hips, was snug but kept me solidly

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      Establish A Culture Of Trust

      The First In A Five-Part Series On Trust In nearly every consulting, coaching, or mastermind group that I have facilitated, the question of trust takes front-and-center as a topic of conversation. Either the groups share a high level of trust and confidence in each other, or more often, have very

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      Are you growing people’s strengths? You cannot afford not to. Employees value the opportunity to develop and grow – maybe even beyond the role they were hired for. This is especially true of millennials, as shown by a number of studies. According to the Gallup report How Millennials Want

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