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      Leadership is an everyday act that creates a better world. It's seeing what is and taking action to make real what should be. It's serving others by inspiring them to do more than they thought possible. Expanding leadership capabilities at all levels in an organization is a fundamental need in an increasingly complex world. No longer can we assume that a single good leader at the top will suffice. Through a customized leadership development process, we help people learn and practice the skills to lead .

      Strategic planning is an essential skill and process that all leaders must master in order to turn Vision into measurable reality.

      Foundations For Leaders improves employee performance, builds strong, effective teams, aligns people with your business strategy, grows sales, and improves profitability. We deliver pragmatic strategic planning, leadership development, professional training and development, and executive coaching services designed to achieve measurable results.

      We are accomplished, results-oriented professionals. Foundations builds boots-on-the-ground skills that you and your employees need to succeed.

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      Before entering into a stressful presentation or difficult conversation, I often suggest leaders prepare by aligning thoughts, feelings, and micro-actions with their most worthy intentions. When I’m coaching leaders, we use a checklist before any important event: Humans trust actions

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      To be seen and trusted as a credible leader, you must act with authenticity. With executive presence, your actions line up with your intentions, stated and unstated. All too often we are unconscious of our own behaviors. If you do not consciously act like the leader you believe you are, you

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        After careful consideration and more than a little prayerful soul-searching, I am pleased to announce that my practice is now a strategic partner of the John Maxwell Company. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking,

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