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  • Those who have attended my American history classes or seminars on ethics and values will recall my assertion that "in order for a Nation to be healthy, it must be composed of citizens that share a common mythos." Author Wilfred McClay asserts that Americans "have, in some measure, lost our guiding

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  • Leadership Moments with Mark Elberfeld

    Maintaining community in the face of conflict, negotiating healthy interpersonal dynamics, and striving intentionally for an equitable distribution of power are all tenets of servant-leadership, a conceptually simple philosophy: those who lead, serve. Breaking away from traditional models of

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  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

    "I believe the best way to heal the world is to tend first to your own wounds." Has this happened to you? You are ambitious and successful.  Your rational self says, "I am smart and capable. I am handling things well."  But your mind monkey yells much louder.  She says, "You don't have your

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