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  • "Leadership Moments" is for anyone who wants to learn, grow, and do the hard work of becoming a better leader. With a particular emphasis on Servant-Leadership, in each episode we give you access to the best thinkers, resources, and action to help you develop your leadership skills.

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    Maintaining community in the face of conflict, negotiating healthy interpersonal dynamics, and striving intentionally for an equitable

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    "I believe the best way to heal the world is to tend first to your own wounds." Has this happened to you? You are ambitious and

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    She is moving on to a new job that carries a similar title, but a much-expanded scope of duties and responsibilities. But Deputy Clackamas

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    They have been called the "Greatest Generation." They are the 16 million Americans who fought in World War II and built the country we enjoy

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    For 67 years, Portland Rescue Mission has been at the front lines of Oregon's battle against homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, and

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    Wow'ing The Guest

    October 27, 2016

    Oswego Grill, designed to be "Upscale Elegance at a Casual Price,"  was founded in 2009 by David & Christie Burnett and Bud & Kathy

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