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    • My mission is to help successful people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior; for themselves, their people, and their teams.

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    • I will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop leaders...

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    • There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. My facilitated groups offer a combination of masterminding...

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    • Are you ready to hear more? I look forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a successful leader. Let's have coffee!

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    • Leadership Moments with Mark Elberfeld

      Maintaining community in the face of conflict, negotiating healthy interpersonal dynamics, and striving intentionally for an equitable distribution of power are all tenets of servant-leadership, a conceptually simple philosophy: those who lead, serve. Breaking away from traditional models of hierarchical authority, servant-leaders facilitate the livelihood of their group by assessing their

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    • The Chinese World Order

       Reprinted from: Andrew J. Nathan October 12, 2017 Issue The End of the Asian Century: War, Stagnation, and the Risks to the World’s Most Dynamic Region by Michael R. Auslin, Yale University Press, 279 pp., $30.00 Post-Western World: How Emerging Powers Are Remaking Global Order by Oliver Stuenkel, Polity, 251 pp., $64.95; $22.95 (paper) Destined for War: Can America and

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      Check back for future events.