• David McNamee

    It’s my privilege to be an adjunct professor of leadership, strategic policy, management, and ethics at two Oregon universities and President of Foundations for Leaders, LLC, a leadership training and strategic planning consulting practice based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. For 14 years, I’ve held positions as an Associate Dean for Strategic Security Studies, Chair of Oregon’s largest Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and undergraduate Business and Leadership programs, and Director of International Business programs for both traditional and adult degree completion colleges and universities.

    To every client engagement I bring more than 40 years of perspective gained from leadership experience at executive levels of state, federal, and local government, non-profit boards, and for-profit businesses. I’m a Vietnam-era Veteran with 20 years of distinguished service as both an enlisted airman and senior signals intelligence systems officer and commander with the US Air Force.

    I’ve been an elected county commissioner, state government manager, owner/founder of two small businesses, winemaker, even a rock-and-roll radio deejay. But my greatest joy came when I discovered I had a passion for teaching to one of the toughest audiences in the world: 7th grade students!

    I facilitate and coach domestic and international leadership and strategic planning workshops and seminars. My work takes me around the world to villages, towns, universities and businesses in Europe, Asia, Central America, Central Asia and others. I’ve used John Maxwell’s books and materials for years. It’s my privilege now to offer them to you as a member of the John Maxwell Team.

    I hold a BA in Communications, a MSSci in International Relations, and am wrapping up a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies.