• Coaching

  •  Coaching to Enhance Life Opportunities & Satisfaction

    Imagine a relationship that is totally focused on you. Coaching is an important guided and supported exercise of exploration and growth. Together priorities are set and actions are taken to manage transitions, embrace change, and accelerate growth. Goals in both life and business are established with great clarity.

    Where in a mentorship relationship guidance is given, in a coaching relationship the answers reside within the participant. My role is to skillfully draw them out and guide them along.

    • This brings clarity to vision.
    • Grows trust within oneself.
    • Brings focus to priorities and next steps.
    • Energizes action to achieve results.

    The coaching process is specific, brings clarity to new ideas and empowers the necessary action. Along the way, we will assess and adjust to optimize your experience and results. The outcomes will be measurable and in alignment with your core values and vision. You will be confident and successful as you go forward.

    This process includes:

    • Planning a strategy to work together to move your life forward.
    • Coaching up to four hours per month.
    • Availability between sessions by phone or email as needed.
    • Considering 6 to 12 months as the suggested time duration of the program.
    • Meetings that can be conducted by phone or in person.
    • Looking forward to seeing your life priorities coming into alignment with your work and family objectives.
    • Learning a pattern of thinking and exploration that you will be able to put into practice to continue well beyond our work together.

    Please contact me, and together we'll create the most effective plan to move you forward.