• Leadership Moments – We Road Test a Servant Leadership Program for Middle School

  • Some months ago, Daniel McNamee, a middle-school science teacher at Mason Preparatory School in Charleston, South Carolina, asked me to help him develop some servant leadership lessons suitable for his middle school students. As his Dad, I was humbled beyond imagining for the request. As a servant-leadership advocate, I was thrilled and intrigued by the challenge of creating something that, to my knowledge, doesn’t exist elsewhere.

    We’ve brainstormed some ideas and put together about 10 different leadership development activities along with everything a teacher or instructor might need to facilitate the lessons. Starting this month and continuing through May, 2918, Daniel will be field-testing the curriculum in his own classroom. Much like Microsoft does when they roll out a software upgrade, once Dan has beta-tested the program, our plan is to make an E-book available for other educators who may want to try the program in their own classrooms.

    In this episode we explore what the program is about and what Daniel hopes to accomplish.  I hope you enjoy this episode of Leadership Moments and I hope you will share this will all your friends.